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  HY-51/62 54/76 Fully-automatic plastic thermoforming machine
  HY-61/62B 66/76B Semi-automatic plastic thermoforming machine
  HY-3021 Plastic positive and negative thermoforming machine
  HY-670 Plastic extrusion machine production line
  HY-660 Automatic plastic cup making machine
  HY-710/1200 Automatic high speed plastic vacuum forming machine
  HY-25N Hydraulic cutting machine
  HY-440/540 Automatic three side edgefold machine
HY-51/62 54/76 Fully-automatic plastic thermoforming machine
This full automatic plastic thermoforming machine is a combination of mechanical, electrical and pneumatic components, and the whole system was controlled by a micro PLC, feeding by servo motor, which can be operated in man-interface. It combines the material feeding, heating, forming, cutting and stacking into one process. It owns manual, semi-automatic and automatic operation models with memory reserve functions.
It’s available for BOPS、 HIPS、PS、PVC、PET plastic sheet roll forming into various of containers, boxes, dishes, trays and lids.

Main Parameters:
Model No. HY-51/62 HY-54/76
Max. forming area 510×620 mm 540×760 mm
Max. forming depth 100 mm 100mm
Sheet thickness of range 0.10-1.0 mm 0.15-1.0 mm
Air pressure 0.7Mpa 0.7Mpa
Water consumption 10(L/min) 15 (L/min)
Air consumption 2200 (L/min) 2400 (L/min)
Production speed 600-1200(cycles/hr)


Power supply AC 380V±15V  50/60HZ  AC 380V±15V  50/60HZ
Preheating power 4 kw 4 kw
Mould plate heating power 6 kw 9 kw
Heating plate power 15 kw 18 kw
Max. sheet roller diamater 710mm 710mm
Machine dimension Machine Dimensions 2750×1460×2350 mm 3320×1660×2660 mm
Stacker Dimensions 2100×930×2350 mm 2100×1140×2420 mm
Weight 2500kg 3500kg

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