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  HY-51/62 54/76 Fully-automatic plastic thermoforming machine
  HY-61/62B 66/76B Semi-automatic plastic thermoforming machine
  HY-3021 Plastic positive and negative thermoforming machine
  HY-670 Plastic extrusion machine production line
  HY-660 Automatic plastic cup making machine
  HY-710/1200 Automatic high speed plastic vacuum forming machine
  HY-25N Hydraulic cutting machine
  HY-440/540 Automatic three side edgefold machine
HY-670 Plastic extrusion machine production line
Plastic Sheet Extruder is used for produce various plastic sheet of PP\HIPS\PS etc, which can be widely used for produce plastic formed sheet \stationery sheet and corrosion resistance adhesive tape etc.

Main Parameters:
Model No. HY-670A HY-670B
Disposal material Single sheet of PP/PS/PE/HIPS Double sheet of PP/PS/PE/HIPS
Sheet thickness of range 0.20-1.0 mm 0.15-1.0 mm
Effective width ≤700 mm ≤710 mm
Output 160-200kg/h 180-240kg/h
Max. Diameter 700mm 700mm
Spec of roller Ф350×800 mm Ф350×800 mm
Power supply

AC 380V ±15V  50/60HZ

AC 380V ±15V  50/60HZ
Rated output 80kw 150kw
Dimensions (L×W×H) 12000×1500×2000 mm 12000×1500×2000 mm
Weight 3500kg 4500kg
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